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A Letter to Everyone…

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Dear Mr. President:

You recently asked suburban women to like you. I consider myself a suburban woman, although I’m now scared to death to live in a suburb and have elected to live where even the US Post Office can’t find me.

Here’s why this suburban woman doesn’t like you:

  1. You lie repeatedly.
  2. You bash your enemies and even decent people simply questioning your tactics, policies, and speeches.
  3. You brag about your accomplishments, even when they’re not your accomplishments.
  4. You claim you’re a Christian and yet, don’t seem to understand that humility, mercy and doing justice are the hallmarks by which God said we should live.
  5. I can’t, as a mother and grandmother, point to you as an aspirational figure to my children and grandchildren.
  6. You’re remodeling the government for your own political purposes.


Dear Former Vice President:

While I like your rhetoric far more than your opponent’s, your policies worry me. You have stated that you’re going to transition away from the production of