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Book Club ReadersBig News! Author Jane Christmas will be answering questions about her book, And Then There Were Nuns on December 20th! Please finish the book (or at least start it, if you’ve been slacking!) and think up some questions for her to answer. You are welcome to submit them to me in advance via the Contact page, if you like. Click here to go to the Contact Page. She’s being ever so kind and simply wants to make reading and discussing the book more fun for us! Don’t miss this rare opportunity!

Last week’s WOW (Word of the Week) was suffuse. Merriam-Webster Online describes suffuse as: to spread over or through in the manner of fluid or light or to flush or fill. Right now the number of ornaments in my home are pretty well suffused! I need bigger trees. And yes, I think we can say I have an ornament addiction. I wonder what detox treatment for ornament addiction is like. Hmmm….there may be a post in there somewhere.

Today’s WOW is pinchbeck. Since my middle name is Rebecca and my brothers sometimes called me Becky or Beck when I was a child, you will now understand my reasoning for definition guess # 1:

pinchbeck: (ˈpinch-ˌbek) 1. a painful process initiated to keep pesky younger sisters at bay 2. a retaliatory pinch 3. the person one calls when you are in dire straits. 

What’s your guess for pinchbeck? Or, do you know the actual definition? (If so, I am showing up at your place of business tomorrow to pinch you! :D) Comment below!

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