Slow Reader Thursday: God’s Little Miracle Book

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After my mom passed away in 2003, her younger sister, my Aunt Lois, learned of my crazy passion for writing and encouraged me to contact her author friend, Sally Jadlow. I did so and while Sally was very gracious in encouraging me to get busy with my writing, I don’t think I was quite ready to fully commit to the discipline of writing (And yes…I am well aware that my writing seldom resembles anything disciplined.). But, even so, I have followed Sally on Facebook and she has written several books, all of which seem to get published at the precise moment I don’t have time to read. So, I am just now getting around to reading one of her books (I told you I was a very slow reader!): God’s Little Miracle BookBecause I am so slow, Sally has also written a sequel to this book which I hope to “schedule” onto my reading list sometime this year. But, since I have about a dozen books on the list ahead of her sequel, I may be discussing it around the time she publishes # 3!

And for those of us plagued with reading every single word of a book, Sally makes it very easy for us to read God’s Little Miracle BookIn 2 to 3 page vignettes, she tells us, time and time again, how God continues to yield large and small-scale miracles in our everyday lives. What? You didn’t know this? It’s not in your newspaper? I’m not surprised. Our present excuse for a press is seemingly bent on writing about the shocking inactivity of our government these days and while that is important, I do wish that we would give God a little more press from time to time, too.

Thankfully, Sally Jadlow takes care of that for us. With the recent popularity of the History Channel’s The BibleI am hoping that someday, someone will undertake to make a film or show about Sally’s books, if only to give some credit where credit is due–to the Creator of the planet who, for some crazy reason, still seems to want to have a relationship with people who can’t quite seem to get their acts together all the time.

So, when you have to sit in the doctor’s waiting room or you’re waiting in the carpool line at the school or soccer field, or the latest vampire sequel gives you nightmares, take a literary “walk on the wild side” and read Sally’s books. God’s Little Miracle Book reminded me of the importance of a solid faith and praying when life sends you some “storms” that seem overwhelming. And right now, faith and prayer may be the only things that get us through an inactive government, a negatively-bent press, and a recessionary economy.

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