YOUR Top 10 of MIP 2014: 2 & 1!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Good morning, MIP readers! I hope you are having a fantastic Friday!

Today I reveal the two posts you found the most interesting in 2014. Both were generated for the same reason–my brother was diagnosed with one horrific case of esophageal cancer. They “book-ended” the time I spent last year traversing back and forth to his home and the hospital near his home. So, # 2 was my announcement, yet again, that I needed to put writing a blog on hold to take care of him. This post was difficult to write for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which was that I felt compelled to protect my brother’s privacy at this point in my life. Later on my eldest brother told me that the “affected brother” was sad that I had stopped writing on his account. But, I knew something that my brother didn’t–that MIP readers are very “faithful fans” and would come back to my blog when I had the time to write again. One more time, here is “Another Kind of WOW.

Unfortunately, the reason why I was able to return to writing was because my brother made the courageous decision to end treatment and just let nature take its course. He passed away 8 days later, after telling me he was “trying to do this quickly.” I knew exactly why he said that. He never wanted anyone to suffer on his account. And thus, because he hated me giving up the blog, I wrote, for him, “Why I Stopped Writing.” 

Kleenex, anyone??? Thanks for coming back here to read both the fun and not so fun events of my life. I am grateful for each one of you.

Monday’s Post: A Normal Kind of WOW

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