Word of the Week: nepenthe

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Good morning, Word Lovers! Last week’s word was provenience and the PH knew this word and emailed me to guess it. (It’s so annoying when he’s right.)

Provenience means origin or source, particularly as it relates to the ownership of works of art. I knew it sounded familiar to me, but I just couldn’t retrieve the meaning from my rusty old brain. So, if you, like the PH, had it on the tip of your tongue, congratulations for not needing rust remover.

Today’s word is nepenthe. Let’s see if the PH can get 2 in a row. Here are my silly guesses:

nepenthe: (nə-ˈpen(t)-thē) 1. doing a pentathlon completely on your knees. 2. the repentance that comes when you deliberately lisp around someone who stutters 3. how one speaks after taking crystal meth (Sorry…the counseling background crept in here.)

What are yours? I love to hear what you think, so submit away. (No fair cheating!)

Tomorrow’s Post: What did you do to honor Jesse?




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