About M.A.

MaryAnn started her writing career by being the editor for the newsletter for the condominium complex where she lived during her teen years in Indianapolis. Inspired by taking a creative writing course her Senior year in high school, MaryAnn authored poems, essays, and short stories off and on throughout her adult life. Her mother even suggested that she become a writer and teacher, but an interest in psychology led to her bachelor’s at Purdue University.

As a result of several moves in her husband’s career, MaryAnn had a wide variety of jobs during her early adulthood. When she and husband began having children, MaryAnn put aside her career to be a full-time mother. As the children matured and the expensive college years loomed larger, MaryAnn re-entered the job market. At one point she became a program specialist for the local university. While there, MaryAnn felt called to work on her master’s, again in psychology. MaryAnn completed that master’s in 2011.

In 2006 MaryAnn discovered the Notes feature on Facebook and began “journaling” through this feature. The “journaling” turned into an amateur writing hobby. Several “journal” readers suggested that she write a book. Currently, MaryAnn is working on a novel, a semi-autobiographical book and a book of her favorite Facebook and blog posts.

To say that MaryAnn has had an unusual life is to put it mildly. She has faced chronic migraines, anaphylaxis, infertility, and a rare heart condition that has led to 4 heart attacks in the space of 14 years. That is just the few she is willing to share with the rest of the world! These “health adventures,” as she puts it, have caused her to look at each day as a treasure, one in which all of us should aspire to inspire.

MaryAnn currently resides in a small town in Texas and has been married to her husband, Bruce, for over 35 years. She and Bruce have three grown children, one of whom is married to the webmaster of this blog! She also “claims” a daughter-in-law, a grandson, another grandchild “in the making,” and a myriad of “adopteds,” which tend to be the friends of their children and extended family relatives.

Lately, MaryAnn has been working on completing a certificate in spiritual direction and completing a log cabin with her husband and family. (You notice that there is a distinct lack of income-producing information here??? You’re so smart! MaryAnn is first, and foremost, a wife, mom and homemaker and amateur writer last!)