As God’s Scribe: They Know the Master’s Voice…

“God is the true redeemer, the hero of this story I am writing with you. I am his representative and speak to you on behalf of him. He is worthy to be praised by all the Earth and will not stop until all his children are reconciled to him.

That is how much he loves you, that while sinners, he redeemed them for all time. All that needs to happen is for them to acknowledge his presence and his charm. The day is coming when all will be well, and all will be reconciled to him like a dog finding its master after a long absence from one another.

The Master Loves Them…

Dogs love their master, for they know the master’s voice and that the master loves them and cares for them. Thus, seek my love, and I will be found. Love will surround you all the days of your life if you do so. I will encircle you with love and protection all the days of your life.

If you seek my face, I will come to you in the night and respond to your questions. For I know your voice all too well, and it pleases me no end. So seek me in the morning. Seek me in the evening.

Care for Yourself…

Seek me when you rise and when you sit down, when you talk and when you do your tasks, when you care for others and when you care for yourself. Yes, it is okay to care for yourself! How else will you fulfill my purpose for you and for others if you don’t do so?

It is my timing for when these things will come to pass, but you must be willing to do all I ask of you and do it when I place it on your mind. Those thoughts are my thoughts, sent to help you minister to the unloved, the unkind, the unwelcome.

Be the You I Created You to be…

Do not despair, for I am coming soon. Be ready; be still. Be kind. Be loving. Be the you I created you to be, not what the world sees as you, but what I created you to be–honest, loving, kind, welcoming, fasting, proclaiming my mercy for all.”

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