Your Body May Need to Diet, But Your Soul May Need a Feast…


We Americans tend to overeat and under-exercise.

Duh, right? But, while we spend an abundance of time trying to quell these tendencies of ours, how much time do we devote to making sure our souls and spirits are nurtured well???

Did you just take a big gulp? Yep, me too.

I hope, as you read my Wednesday posts, you will feel like you are addressing your soul just as much as you are exercising and eating right. Honestly? If your soul and spirit aren’t headed in the right direction, what makes you think you can conquer a weight or physical health issue???

Did you just gulp again? It’s okay. I have a plan.

As part of MIP’s Slow Reader posts, I’m going to bring to your attention some books and online readings that you can peruse to understand more of my spiritual journey and hopefully, chart a path for your own journey. Again, your journey may be quite different from mine because you and I are unique little snowflakes! But I am going to trust that God can bring to your attention the parts of these books that will inform your journey. 

The first book is one of my favorites so far: Soul Feast. I have been waiting all month to tell  you about it! Even the forewords are written by some very revered spiritual “navigators.” So, wander to this page to learn all the details on how to obtain Soul Feast.

After reading this book, I felt like it should always be next to my Bible. Soul Feast details various spiritual practices that are designed to help you interact with God. The chapters are “meaty.” That’s code for “It’s going to take a while to read.” But, I promise they’re long and detailed in a good way.

Thus, give yourself plenty of time to read this book. I hope to summarize it and critique it for you on February 19th, so if you want to get in on that discussion, my suggestion is to get it NOW!

Have you already read this book? Post a comment to let me know, one way or the other.

Now…get back to your treadmill and your celery…

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