Word of the Week 3: campestral

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The Word of the Week last Monday was: baba. A lot of you wondered if baba was a term of endearment from another language, such as the word for grandmother. Many of you thought it might be Russian or Dutch. MIP readers are sooo smart–baba is a French and Polish word and originally referred to an elderly woman! But, today baba is a rich cake soaked in a rum and sugar syrup. Sounds like something I should refrain from having if I ever want to see some weight loss. *sigh*

This week’s word is: campestral. As usual, submit your guess below and no using a dictionary! If you use a dictionary, I will be forced to hit you with a baba. (I suppose there are worse punishments.) Here are my guesses for campestral:

campestral (kam-ˈpes-trəl) 1. That which pertains to a camping situation. 2. Describing the temporary abode of an extraterrestrial. 3. Where Hilary sends Bill during a Presidential campaign.

Tomorrow’s Post: What did you do for your Act of Kindness this week?

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