Wedding Cake…

wedding cake

The DSL and the DD celebrate their first anniversary on Monday. Wait. A whole year? Nah. It can’t be.

People often ask me how the newlyweds are doing. They’re doing so well that they’re making the rest of us married folks look bad. So, here’s a little tribute to their upcoming anniversary and their seemingly supernatural expertise at marriage:

They were a couple of high school band nerds
When their paths first meandering met,
He made her laugh out loud
And she had a face he couldn’t forget.

One would date for a while
While the other sat solo,
Then the roles would be reversed
Even if he wore his best polo.

They became great friends
Through all of this dating
But it wasn’t until senior year
That both gained a higher “rating.”

The first dates should be low key,
But she didn’t get those memos
She dragged him to a banquet
And he hung in there during her dance demos.

She loved to cook
And he hated to eat
So, she forced him to try new foods
Until his patience was just plain beat.

They suffered through the first year of college
And didn’t like it so well
They transferred to 2 different campuses
And the phone bill began to swell.

But, despite some distance
And mutual stubborn momentary resistance
He wound up down on one knee
And wondered why a puddle had to be.

They had a long engagement
But if you saw the wedding
They needed that much time
Twelve dozen baseballs require a lot of “getting.”

It seemed to be well worth it
A pretty outdoor affair
With lots of family and friends
That seemed to ignore all that Texas hot air.

And now as they celebrate
Their first year of wedded bliss
The happy couple looks really great,
They just may not like the taste
Of that 1st anniversary cake.

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