As God’s Scribe: An Army of Love…

“It is not for you to know when these things will come to fruition. Just trust me and study my Word for it is a living, breathing resource for being my child. I do not come quietly to those who refuse me, but to those of you who accept me, you will hear my still, small voice in the time to come.

I will be your God and I will be your Father, the good Father. Charm me with your steadfastness and obey my commandments for they are still important and needed in this world.

Be Love…


Do not put on airs for you are no better and no worse than anyone else. Humble yourselves before me and I will resist all temptation that comes your way. Be love to this hurting world; they need you so much!

Train others to do the same, so that they become a giant army of love all over the world. Seek not destruction, but reformation. Have you been re-formed? If not, why?

With Bated Breath…


What are you waiting for, dear children? I wait for you with bated breath. Will you come to me as I came to you or will you insist on your way of praying? My ways are not your ways and I have such things to teach you! Yes, you!

Be still and know me. Be still and rest in my love. Be still without thoughts in your head constantly filling the space. I can teach you this stillness, but you must be willing and let the space happen. You cannot make things happen, but you can make your head still.

Be Still…


It is good for you and helpful to all who come to me. Be still! Be still in your hearts and minds for there is much to do in the times ahead. Be ready; be still.”

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