Word of the Week: offal

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Last week’s Word of the Week (WOW) was shinplaster. The hubby said, in response to reading last week’s WOW, “Shinplaster? Really?” I replied with a simple, “Yep.” Since this reaction came from the man who killed me in Scrabble using the word rapeseed (In my defense, the boy has very creative spelling talents when it comes to the English language, so I figured he was bluffing and challenged rapeseed. Let’s just say that was a big mistake.), I figure I need to remember shinplaster for our next game of Scrabble…just to be a pain in his side for all the times he recounts this little episode to family and friends.

Merriam-Webster says that shinplaster means a piece of privately issued paper currency; especially one poorly secured and depreciated in value. If so, then I think the peso is a synonym for shinplaster. What do you think?

This week’s word is offal. Here are my definition guesses for offal:

offal: (ˈ-fəl) 1. How the hubby spells awful in Scrabble (Couldn’t resist! Sorry, honey.) 2. When Al is off 3. How the French react when they eat American food

What’s your guess for offal? Submit them below or email me by clicking here.

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