November 2014 Book Club

I have been waiting since last year to read this one and it’s rated a full 5 stars on Amazon, so don’t miss an opportunity to learn from one of the funniest Christian elder-stateswomen on the planet, Patsy Clairmont!

Twirl by Patsy Clairmont

Amazon Link:

Amazon Cost: $ 10.99/Kindle; $ 13.71/Hardcover; $15.15/Audio CD; $ 4.49/Audible Audio Edition


About Patsy Clairmont:

MIP Reading Plan:

Saturday, November 1st: Chapter 1

Monday, November 3rd: Chapter 2 and Chapter 3

Tuesday, November 4th: Chapter 4 and Chapter 5

Wednesday, November 5th: Chapter 6

Thursday, November 6th: Chapter 7 and Chapter 8

Friday, November 7th: Chapter 9 and Chapter 10

Saturday, November 8th: Chapter 11 and Chapter 12

Monday, November 10th: Chapter 13

Tuesday, November 11th: Chapter 14 and Chapter 15

Wednesday, November 12th: Chapter 16 and Chapter 17

Thursday, November 13th: Chapter 18 and Chapter 19

Friday, November 14th: Chapter 20 and Chapter 21

Saturday, November 15th: Chapter 22 and Chapter 23

Monday, November 17th: Chapter 24 and Chapter 25

Tuesday, November 18th: Chapter 26

Wednesday, November 19th: Conclusion

Friday, November 21st: Slow Reader Friday Discussion & December 2013 MIP Book Club Selection Announcement