March 2015 Book Club

I’m a real skeptic about this one. I’m sure that this is about to be the worst month of my life. But since my hubby is a chronically happy “morning person” and I’m a chronic “night owl,” it would probably do us good if I try to do this. Thus, here goes nothing:

The Early to Rise Experience by Andy Traub

Amazon Link: Go here

Amazon Cost: $ 7.99/Kindle; $ 10.00/Paperback


About Andy Traub: Go here

MIP Reading Plan:

Monday, March 2nd: Introduction and How to Read This Book

Tuesday, March 3rd: Chapter 1 & Chapter 2

Wednesday, March 4th: Chapter 3 & Chapter 4

Thursday, March 5th: Chapter 5 & Chapter 6

Friday, March 6th: Chapter 7 & Day 1

Saturday, March 7th: Day 2

Sunday, March 8th: Day 3

Monday, March 9th: Day 4

Tuesday, March 10th: Day 5

Wednesday, March 11th: Day 6

Thursday, March 12th: Day 7

Friday, March 13th: Day 8

Saturday, March 14th: Day 9

Sunday, March 15th: Day 10

Monday, March 16th: Day 11

Tuesday, March 17th: Day 12

Wednesday, March 18th: Day 13

Thursday, March 19th: Day 14 (Admittedly, we’re not going to finish this in one month, but I’ll probably have enough fodder for a partial book review by this time!)

Friday, March 20th: Slow Reader Friday Post and April MIP Book Club Announcement