For Kim…

Heart into labyrinth.

Serious Session Alert: My friend, Kim, passed away 3 years ago today. While I wrote this to further define who I intend to be, it also describes her viewpoint…at least from my viewpoint. So, Kim? You have always been one of my favorite destinations…I can’t wait until our paths cross again.

You Are My Destination

What should I say to you To give you ease?
What should I do for you
To help you, pretty please?
What should I know
That would answer all your questions?
Who should I find
To learn wisdom, not retention?

It is confusion;
It is conundrum;
It is illusion;
It is reduction.

Who should I seek
To find all the answers?
Where is the One
To channel my frustration?
When will I know
How to combat in-conclusion?
Why am I here
In a world of your invention?

It is anger;
It is sadness;
It is living, or so it seems.
But is this indecision
Nothing more than just a dream?

Why are you gone
When you should be here?
Why are you here
But only fuzzy and unclear?
Where is my solace
In the midst of indignation?
Who is the target
Of my arrow’s good intentions?

It is your triumph;
It is your lesson;
It is a journey;
It is destination.

Let me find you;
Let me see you;
Let me banish in-conclusion;
Let me hear how you conceive
This crazy universe of distraction.

For each thought is instructive,
Each moment so productive
Do you know that you change me,
Just by being “respirative”?

For you are my yearning;
You are my task;
You are my statement;
You are my past.
Given the moment,
I can say, en masse,
You are my life’s journey…
You are the road map.

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