Word of the Week: spume

Last week’s WOW was written while flying to our family reunion vacation in Estes Park, CO. I think it’s safe to say that a fun time was had by all and it went by too fast! Believe it or not, the meaning of kickshaw was actually discussed while preparing dinner at our vacation home there! So, just to allow my extended family to relax about such an important issue (Yeah, right.), here is Merriam-Webster Online’s definition for kickshaw: a fancy dish.

This just blows my mind because we tried a little experiment while in Estes Park. Each family selected a night and made a homemade dinner of their choice. Some of my family members may disagree, but it was positively awesome to see what each family decided to make for all of us and then enjoy that meal together. If you ask me, every night featured kickshaws!

This week’s WOW (Word of the Week) is spume. Here’s what I’m guessing for definitions of spume and today I just feel like giving you 4, instead of the usual 3:

spume: (ˈspyüm) 1. a fuming spoon 2. the splash a Six Flags log flume makes at the bottom of that last “dip” 3. to supposedly assume 4. a speaker’s volume

What are your guesses for spume? Send your guess here.

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