The Odd Days of October…


Grab a cup of pumpkin coffee and enjoy the following from holidayinsights.com:

October 1st – World Vegetarian Day – Please tell me we don’t eat vegetarians on this day.

October 2nd – Name Your Car Day – That took about 5 seconds. Woo. Hoo.

October 3rd – Virus Appreciation Day – No, I’m not making these up.

October 4th – International Frugal Fun Day – I’m laying odds some Scot dreamed this one up. Does this mean going to garage sales to buy rusty chicken wire?

October 5th – Do Something Nice Day – Please tell me there is no “Do Something Evil Day.”

October 6th – Mad Hatter Day – Shouldn’t this coincide with the Kentucky Derby??? Now, where is my looking glass when I need it?

October 7th – Bald and Free Day – Does this mean that my hair costs money? Oh, wait. Never mind. Just found the bill for my latest perm.

October 8th – American Touch Tag Day – Tag. You’re it. As “it,” be careful who you touch!

October 9th – Moldy Cheese Day – Maybe celebrate this by throwing it out? Just a thought.

October 10th – World Egg Day – Otherwise known as Adam Sandler’s Head Day

October 11th – Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day – You might want to refrain from showing off that teddy bear if you’re a doctor, lawyer, fire fighter, or police officer.

October 12th – Moment of Frustration Day – Also known as “MaryAnn Writes an Odd Days Post”

October 13th – International Skeptics Day – Appropriate, since most of my dear readers are thinking I’m making this stuff up.

October 14th  – Be Bald and Free Day – I sense a repeating theme here. See October 7th.

October 15th – White Cane Safety Day – You give your cane a stern safety lecture???

October 16th – Dictionary Day – I imagine no Americans will be celebrating this day because they have Spell check. See October 13th.

October 17th – Wear Something Gaudy Day – Noooooooooo comment

October 18th – No Beard Day – All you “No Shave November” celebrants? Pay attention here.

October 19th – Evaluate Your Life Day – I think they have this confused with January 1st.

October 20th – Brandied Fruit Day – Otherwise known as “Make your American Fruitcake Day”

October 21st – Count Your Buttons Day – Such an important statistic to know

October 22nd – National Nut Day – I’ll refrain from writing what I’m thinking here

October 23rd – TV Talk Show Host Day – Oprah lacks attention?

October 24th – National Bologna Day – I’ll pass and eat my PB and J instead. Thank you.

October 25th – Punk for a Day Day – They actually said, “Day Day.” Where’s their brain brain?

October 26th – Mother-in-Law Day – Probably the least celebrated holiday known to man, even beating out Count Your Buttons Day

October 27th – Navy Day – That’s an excuse to wear my favorite color, right?

October 28th – Plush Animal Lover’s Day – If you own a goldfish, you’re out of luck???

October 29th – Hermit Day – How would we know if people actually celebrated this?

October 30th – Mischief Day – Sounds like a reason to extend Halloween to me

October 31st – Increase Your Psychic Powers Day – Mine tell me my doorbell will ring a lot

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