Children of the Day Post 6: I Thessalonians 5

Children of the Day

The last video session from Beth Moore was interesting to say the least! I Thessalonians 4 addresses the issue, head-on, regarding sexual immorality. Because our society now thinks that living together, aka adultery (Don’t blame the messenger here–that’s God’s definition!), is okay and normal, we have become numb, in many cases, to the onslaught of media, digital entertainment and books that all espouse a liberal policy here.

Let me state, most emphatically, that if you have lived with someone out of wedlock or slept with someone without being married, you will not get anything but love from me. God loves you just as much as He loves me and that will never, ever change because of some action on your part that doesn’t exactly square with the Word of God. If I believed anything other than that, then there is no hope of me ever getting to Heaven! Thankfully, all I have to do is say I believe that Jesus’ death and living again are enough to secure me at least a tiny piece of real estate in the back corner of Heaven. The same is true for you, my friend! All you have to do is tell that to God!

If I’m totally honest with you, then I am “Exhibit A” of how not to live a sexually pure life. I have way too much fondness for Hollywood’s romantic comedies, which today, most often feature someone sleeping with someone else without the benefit of marriage. And I, like so many others of my era, failed to listen to God’s words concerning sexual immorality while a college student in the 70s. I, instead, listened to my peers’ words. I wince as I write these words because it still stings to know that I made such a stupid choice. But it is what it is and either I am honest about it and deal with it or I am a fake talking to you. I choose the former, even if it is painful.

So, if you, like me, find that you are feeling a lot of guilt about this area of your life for whatever reason, please know you are not alone! More than likely you have an awful lot of company! It’s just that too few will ever tell you that because of their guilt. And, if you’re thinking, “Yeah, MaryAnn, but you never did this,” have no fear–I’ve probably heard it all before as a counselor. It’s that rampant. And I have a special fondness for people struggling with such issues.

Beth is no stranger to this issue, either. She was sexually molested as a child and then made poor choices herself afterwards. And she won’t be casting aspersions in your direction, either. In fact she wants to help. So, on page 112 of your member book, she introduces the 28 Day Challenge for all of you who want to rid yourselves of any sexual issues that might be hindering your walk with the Lord. On pages 226 to 239 she gives you day-by-day Scripture prayers to help you with the challenge of trying to rid yourselves of any habits you think might be displeasing to the Lord. I am praying those prayers, too, not only for myself, but also for YOU! 🙂

Sometimes when we keep things secret, the secrecy gives a foolish act/habit incredible power in our lives–power that makes it seem impossible to overcome. If you feel that’s true for you, then know this: I am here for you. As a counselor, I fully understand the need for confidentiality on this topic. If you want to name that habit to me in an email to help it lose its power, then I would be honored to receive that email and promise it will go no farther than my inbox and my prayers for you. You can even make up a name for yourself in that email! Go here to do that.

Okay–enough about that topic! On to the homework for this week and my thoughts regarding it! The first few days of homework for I Thessalonians 5 talks about the end of this world. I was astonished, in the Day One homework, to see Beth’s words at the bottom of pg. 116 that “This is a ‘day’ that will come like a thief in the ‘night.’ This Day will eclipse every other day in history and made the noonday sun seem as dark as midnight.” If so, I need better sunglasses for that night! I had never looked at it that way. Why? I have no idea!

The Day Two homework hit home on several fronts. It would make this post seem like a college reading assignment if I listed every quote that resonated with me on pgs. 119-122, but suffice it to say that right now, I feel like I’m being “lulled back to sleep by routine and dulled by endless comforts” and ignoring the “adventure [that] awaits us out there” right now.

Perhaps the one good thing that comes from my heart attack adventures is that I learn so much about God in the process. Thus, when the doctors quit fussing over me, it’s almost like a death. Sooner or later, my life gets dull and I don’t seek my Lord as often as I do in the middle of my little crises. Sad, but true. I hope I can figure out how to sustain those moments with God even when my heart ishealthy! If you have insights/wisdom on this topic, please, please share them below in the Comment section because I’m really irritated about this!

Homework Three concludes with a request for us to pray that we would get our own personal “baggage” and biases out of the way so that the Lord can bring all people into the Kingdom because He doesn’t want “anyone to perish.” I confess I bring a lot of pessimism to this topic. Our world is so corrupt these days and I consider myself a piece of that corruption puzzle. Thus, my faith gets really faulty when praying for all of us to be in the Kingdom of God as He wants. Thus, I appreciate this part of Beth’s prayer on pg. 129: “You promised the the cross was big enough for us all, with everlasting arms reaching to the ends of the earth.”

That cross is really “earth-sized”! And if we truly have that relationship we claim to have with Jesus, we should all be modern-day Jeremiahs who can’t keep ourselves from telling about Him. (In Jeremiah 20:9 Jeremiah describes it as a “fire in his bones.”)

See you soon, you modern-day Jeremiah! You might want to bring a fire extinguisher along. 😉

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