Word of the Week: orotund

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Last week’s WOW (Word of the Week) was stichomythia. Merriam-Webster Online says the definition of stichomythia is: dialogue especially of altercation or dispute delivered by two actors in alternating lines (as in classical Greek drama). I seldom engage in Greek drama, but I am afraid I have a somewhat small “debate gene” when it comes to certain people in my life and when I do engage it, it becomes a rather major drama of my own making. Let’s just say I should try to lessen the stichomythias of my life in the future, for the sake of all those who manage to like or love me in spite of this nasty gene!

This week’s WOW is orotund. Here are my definition guesses for orotund:

orotund: 1. when one’s obesity resembles a cheerio…a really large cheerio 2. the general shape of a rotunda 3. oratorical verbosity.

Point to Ponder: What are your guesses for orotund? Submit a comment below. Do you know this word? Tell me, tell me!

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