A Lesson Learned from the “Losers”…

Broken Ruler 2

Sometimes I question God’s wisdom in using me to work on his behalf in certain situations…I mean, if you want the wrong thing said, just invite MaryAnn to your gathering, ask her a question and presto! MaryAnn will completely screw up your festive mood.

But, a minister friend of mine said that those who need to be forgiven much and thus, are forgiven by God through Jesus’ death on the cross, are much more grateful than those who don’t have much to be forgiven much. True enough. More recently, another minister friend said that such people are “wounded healers.”

Thus, because of their huge appreciation of what God is doing for them, they are much more likely to go out and do something for God in return. It still doesn’t completely answer the question of why, when I attempt to do something in return, I generally do it wrong, but perhaps the point is that I feel I should do it and perhaps one tiny piece of my doing it is the right thing for that situation…perhaps as they say, “It’s the thought that counts.”

The Bible is replete with “losers.” Jacob was a cheater; Joseph had sibling rivalry issues; Moses stuttered; David was an adulterer; Rahab was a hooker; Jonah was a coward; Jeremiah alienated people; Peter was a flat-out liar; Paul tortured believers; Matthew was a hated IRS man; Samson fell for the wrong woman; John the Baptist was a little too honest; and pretty much all of the disciples abandoned their families. And yet, God managed to do great things through all of them.

So, to all of you who feel that you have very little to offer the world in a positive way right now, just realize that perhaps your ineptitude is actually a part of God’s plan for the world and that something good can actually come out of the crazy mix of good and bad in your life. God is just that good. And guess what? I know exactly how you feel…we’re in this together, friend, along with countless scores of “losers” from the Bible.

Apparently, flabbiness, arthritis, presbyopia, verbosity, noisiness, incessant giggling, sloth, selfishness, greed, denial, materialism, forgetfulness, avoidance, and quick-temperedness are all a part of God’s plan…who knew? So, move over, Peter! Another loser is about to try to put some good into the world.

Point to Ponder Challenge: Locate your favorite timer. Grab a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil. Set the timer for 1 minute and start it. Write as many of your faults on the piece of paper until either you can think of no further faults or the timer goes off.  Now, look at all those faults and find the “up side” of each one. Ex: FAULT: I talk too much. UP SIDE: But, I am at ease speaking to large groups of people and teaching them something they didn’t know! WIN!


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