Log Rhythms: Door Staining…

While we were acquiring flooring, cabinets, counter tops, appliances, and plumbing fixtures, we were still existing with few interior doors. There are no hallways in the cabin to utilize every inch of floor space, so not having bedroom and bathroom doors all this time was often a problem.

If the hubby and I were the only ones there, it really wasn’t a problem, unless neighbors or contractors came without warning. But if our awesome family came to help, it really made things awkward for all of us.

Even for our little cabin, there were a lot of doors. Eleven interior doors had to be stained and sanded 3 different times. Since both sides of a door have to be treated this way, that makes for 6 different rounds of sanding and staining per door, or 66 rounds total.

Trying to sand and stain one side while another side is drying is very difficult for even the best do-it-yourselfer. Based on all of these factors, we decided to have our interior wall staining crew price this job. It turned out to be a very reasonable price and within a weekend, we had doors installed!

I think our entire family breathed a sigh of relief when this occurred. Rooms still weren’t completely private because we didn’t have the trim on any of the door frames, but at least now people could dress and undress in relative privacy and “use the facilities.”

Even with the help, all of what I have posted so far took us well into the spring of 2017. If you had told me it would take us this long just to get to this point, I would have scowled severely. But we didn’t plan on welcoming a new grandbaby, planning and attending a family wedding, and the hubby getting a huge job promotion last year. While all of this was great and we are grateful for such blessings, it did delay us finishing the interior of the cabin.

My advice? If this happens to you while building a log cabin, either bite the financial bullet to hire that local contractor or just count on delaying the “log cabin dream” for a while longer. Family blessings don’t come every day and need to be celebrated!

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