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Slow Reader Friday: The Rabbi Who Found Messiah…

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Book Club Announcement: Go here to learn the title of the February MIP Book Club Selection!

Good morning, Book Lovers! It’s a beautiful cool morning in central Texas and such mornings are definitely “my cup of tea” in January. I hope you are warm, comfortable and that your life is filled with “Sonshine” even if the sun is not shining where you are. And the “Son” and his ever-spreading “shine” is what I want to discuss today.

When I select books for the MIP Book Club, I try to do as much research as I can on the book before I select it. I thought this book was intriguing and would be good fodder for the Book Club, but as I started reading, I had a dreadful thought, “Maybe this book was a HUGE mistake for the MIP Book Club.” I seriously thought about selecting another book, but I decided to hang in there with The Rabbi Who Found Messiah and now, I’m glad I did.


December 2013 MIP Book Club Selection…

We’ve been reading some pretty serious stuff these past two months and I decided we needed a change of pace for the very busy month of December in three ways: A) The book should not have too many chapters for us to try and digest in one sitting due to other holiday commitments, B) We need a good laugh, and C) It should be something about Christmas.

Having been brought up as probably the only protestant in “Catholic Central,” aka Indiana, I decided that it was time to learn a little bit more about the world of nuns. Yes, nuns. So, how is a book about nuns going to make you laugh? The title should make you smile at the very least and tell you great things are in store in the pages ahead. And it only has 8 chapters, although the chapters may be a little long at times. My advice? Get on your treadmill with this book or take this book with you as the entertainment while you travel to see the relatives.

So, how does a book about nuns meet Criteria C of being about Christmas?  Well, admittedly I’m stretching here, but the author’s name is Jane Christmas. No joke. I hope she realizes her name is politically incorrect. How does one quit using their name if it’s not P.C.??? Hmmm….

Without further adieu, here is the December 2013 MIP Book Club Selection:

And Then There Were Nuns: Adventures in a Cloistered Life by Jane Christmas

Amazon Link:

Amazon Cost: $ 9.99/Kindle edition; $ 10.47 Paperback


About Jane Christmas:

MIP Reading Plan: 

Monday, December 2nd: Chapter 1

Tuesday, December 3rd through Friday, December 6th – Chapter 2

Saturday, December 7th & Monday, December 9th – Chapter 3

Tuesday, December 10th & Wednesday, December 11th – Chapter 4

Thursday, December 12th & Friday, December 13th – Chapter 5

Saturday, December 14th & Monday, December 16th – Chapter 6

Tuesday, December 17th & Wednesday, December 18th – Chapter 7

Thursday, December 19th  – Chapter 8

Friday, December, 20th – Slow Reader Friday Discussion for And Then There Were Nuns and… January 2014 MIP Book Selection Announcement!



November 2013 Book Club Selection


Undaunted: Daring to do what God calls you to do by Christine Caine

Amazon Link:

Amazon Cost: Kindle Edition: $ 7.69; Paperback: $ 5.24 – 12.52; Audible Audio Edition: $ 9.99 or Free with a 30 day trial of Audible

ISBN-10: 0310333873
ISBN-13: 978-0310333876

About Christine Caine:

MIP Reading Plan for Undaunted:

Friday, November 1st: Foreword

Saturday, November 2nd: Chapter 1

Monday, November 4th: Chapter 2

Tuesday, November 5th & Wednesday, November 6th: Chapter 3

Thursday, November 7th: Chapter 4

Friday, November 8th & Saturday, November 9th: Chapter 5

Monday, November 11th & Tuesday, November 12th: Chapter 6

Wednesday, November 13th & Thursday, November 13th: Chapter 7

Friday, November 15th: Chapter 8

Saturday, November 16th & Monday, November 18th: Chapter 9

Tuesday, November 19th: Chapter 10

Wednesday, November 20th: Conclusion

Friday, November 22nd: Slow Reader Friday Post/Book Discussion & Announcement of the December 2013 MIP Book Selection