As God’s Scribe: Walk in the Wise Path…

“We never walk alone; you are always with me as I am with you. Yes, you may walk through the valley of death, but I  will be with you forever. Walk with me. Be with me. I am not scary. I am not unwise, as the many leaders of your country are unwise. Walk in the wise path.

I am the wise path that will keep your feet from faltering. Therefore, I say to you, ‘Heed my call. Seek me out. Find me in the darkness, and I  will  rescue you from that darkness.’ The willows wave and turn, yet their branches stay firmly attached to their trunks. Why?

So that they may receive nourishment from their source. I am your source. When the wind blows, flow with the storm but remain with me. I will provide you with never-ending nourishment for my name’s sake.”

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