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Every February I get a little irritated. Why? As I read Facebook at this time of year, I will encounter at least one status statement from a single person who despise the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

I understand their feelings since the American version of this holiday tends to focus on romantic love. And if you’re not single by choice, then Valentine’s Day is proverbial salt in your wounds.

But, we Americans, single or otherwise, are missing the point of this love celebration. In a world where people are burned alive and beheaded while these horrific acts are being videotaped, we all could use a little more love.

Love isn’t just about romance. Love is also about caring when no one else cares. Love is about being kind when it’s easier to be unkind. Love is about patience when you’re running late. Love is about extending peace and joy to those you encounter each day.

A simple smile and a “Hello!” might turn around a lonely person’s day. In some cases simple caring and consideration has resulted in entire lives being turned around. For a lonely, depressed person, just knowing that there is still kindness in this world can keep that person from considering suicide! In other words a smile might save someone’s life.

Tomorrow, whether single or “attached,” choose love. Choose kindness. Choose to wear a smile. Plan something nice for someone who could use some cheering up. Even if it doesn’t dramatically change someone’s life, I have a sneaky feeling it will make you feel better and that’s a really good start.

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