2 Heart Attacks Too Soon…Part 2

Heart 3

If you read yesterday’s post, then the following will make sense to you. If you didn’t, why are you here? Get to yesterday’s post now! 😀

  • Age is nothing to be ashamed of…it’s a victory dance.  I’m 52 and still here.  Don’t like the wrinkles, sags, cellulite, spacey-ness, and aches and pains that come with it, but that’s just proof I’ve gotten to see almost 14 more years with those I love here on planet Earth. 
  • You can reverse aging. It’s called yoga and weightlifting.  It’s the fountain of youth.  Pick up a barbell instead of your wrinkle cream. 
  • You can have a heart attack even if you don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t have diabetes, have a healthy weight, eat right, exercise regularly and are young.  You can have one even if you don’t have a family history of early heart attacks.  There’s your motivation for getting on your treadmill today. 
  • If you’re sick, you can’t help others.  So, guess what?  Exercise and eating less and eating right really are more important.  There are shrinks for the “chocolate moments” of your life.  Other people can take care of things for you while you take care of yourself.  Exercise is its own therapy when life gets rough.  People are counting on you and stuff happens, so you have to be proactive and take care of you FIRST. 
  • Sometimes doctors just don’t know you like you know you.  Be your own doctor.  Do the research on a reputable site.  Ask questions.  Argue, if you must.  Get a new doctor, if you must.  Trust your gut.  Doctors aren’t God.  God is inside you, remember???  So that little nudge from your gut is probably God speaking.  It saved my life nearly 14 years ago when my head said, “You are too young to have a heart attack.” 
  • Persist.  When I succeed in doing what I think is impossible, the rewards are beyond belief.  Of course, my Tempur-Pedic bed would probably argue with me most mornings. 
  • Life is too short to do stuff you will never master.  So, I chose to focus on writing, teaching/coaching/mentoring/counseling/and encouraging and organizing stuff (as long as it’s not stuff in my house). I am not a “Martha”–I don’t like to cook and thus, probably will never become Paula Deen, but I don’t want diabetes anyway. 😀
  • Sometimes encouragement comes in a simple “thank you.”  Seriously, when you thank someone or they thank you, don’t you feel better?  I’m still not really good at the giving thanks part, but when I remember to say thank you, it’s a good day.  
  • Money isn’t everything, but sometimes you gotta splurge.  I do agree that the household funds should go for long-term benefit stuff like charity, our kids’ education, paying off the mortgage, etc.  But, I also am a happier person while in my speedy blue Lincoln, while eating at a nice restaurant on a special occasion and while antique shopping in some little boutiquey-type town with the LSH, sipping a Starbucks latte and holding his hand.  After all, that latte may be the last one I have and more importantly, it may be the last time I hold his hand.
  • I CAN change.  Before I didn’t think so; now I know better.  I don’t always succeed at changing and I regress a lot, but when I put my mind to it, I can change permanently.  Even at 52.


Point to Ponder Challenge # 1: Exercise today for at least 30 minutes to maintain your current weight.

Point to Ponder Challenge # 2: Exercise today for at least 45 minutes to lose weight.

Monday: Word of the Week # 2…were you right about fanfaronade?

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