As God’s Scribe: I Applaud Your Gifts…

“I am God of all the nations on Earth. They do not yet perceive this, but it is the truth. What is the meaning of all this? That every tongue, every nation must yield to me and my prefects, for they are just and true. They are meant for my children’s protection from the evil that is coming.

I do not want slaves; slaves are not free to love their masters–they must obey them, for they are slaves and that is their purpose.

I Want Relationships

I want children. I want relationships. I want love, a love that lasts in all places and in all times. I want peace and tranquility among all the nations of the world. You do not yet fully perceive what this means, but I will tell you in the end days. Do not think this is a long time coming; it will happen in the blink of an eye. Therefore, be brave; fortify yourselves with my word and my strength and my love for you.

Yes, my love for you is your strength. It is the rock upon which I build my kingdom, my kingdom prepared for you. The day is coming when my love will be the only armor you need to vanquish the enemies of this world. In fact, it is the only thing that can.

You Are My Vessel

Wars may come and wars may go, but I will love you far beyond them. Do this in remembrance of me: share my love with others. You cannot share that which you do not have yourselves. Search your hearts so that my love for you may be found.

Let my love for you break your heart, for that tender, bruised, stressed, poor heart needs my mercy, needs my care. If your heart searches for me, it will find me because I created that heart of yours. You are my vessel, the feet of my kingdom, the voice of a new nation, the lovers of my soul.

Fight with Your Heart

It is easy to hear my voice; it is easy to see my visions; it is easy to paint my dreams of a better world. You must fight for that, but not as the world fights–fight with your heart, not your sight.

Do these things unsettle you? Do they make you uncomfortable? That is all right, my child, for the battle for your soul is being waged, as it must, in order for me to raise an army of love that will vanquish all evil from this planet.

Study the Ancient Ways

Search my word for the way is narrow and the followers few. Let my love fully permeate every cell of your body. Study the ancient ways and learn from them before it is too late.

Be ready for the battle ahead–for it is the battle to end all battles, for love must reign supreme for my kingdom to come on Earth as it has already come in Heaven. The days are coming when all Earth will hear my name and know my heart and love me with every fiber of their being, down to the lat cell in their thumbnail. That cell and all cells will vibrate with my coming, majestically, to Earth to live forever.

You Will Be My Prophet

You will not need prophets then; you will be my prophet and the prophecy will be for you and your purpose in my kingdom. Your gifts are extraordinary and not given by accident. I have a mighty purpose for them. They are essential to my plan, to my kingdom.

This is how you will know they are my gift to you: You will use them easily and yet, yearn, with every fiber of your being, to learn more and more about them. They will dwell within your heart and give you great joy. You will dream dreams of them and of how you can use them for others.

My Unquenchable Love for You

Be still and let me fill your mind with my unquenchable love and longing for you and the uniqueness of you, one of my very best creations. Yield to me, so that your ways are light and easy; yes, easy to achieve.

I delight in your achievements, just as any parent would applaud their child becoming who they were uniquely designed to be. Relish those gifts; enjoy them, just as you give me joy from everlasting to everlasting.”

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