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Master Bedroom

If you have enjoyed the Log Rhythms part of my blog site, you’re about to be disappointed. There really aren’t too many other things to discuss about our journey to a fully-functional log cabin and so, this feature will end as of today.

But, have no fear! We own the lot across the lake from the Solitude cabin and one day, we will be building that log cabin, too. We already have some fun ideas in mind for the “Serenity cabin,” since this is where we will retire. For instance, we’re thinking about making some rather elaborate “tree houses” nestled around that cabin and I’m already leaning towards a “colonial” feel for that one. The hubby wants space for an elaborate outdoor kitchen as well.

Bathroom sandstone counter top

My brother and I often solve all the world’s problems via phone calls. During one call I lamented that our  grandson was not going to want to come to the cabin if he got stung by one of the many wasps that plague the Reserve. The wasps have an affinity for the eaves of all the cabins there.

He replied to my lament by suggesting that we get a “MistAway system” for the cabin. He had bought one for his ranchette and it had completely eliminated all pests (including those dreaded wasps). How does one work?

Master bath

A system of small jet nozzles is installed around the eaves of a home/cabin and a large tank, installed nearby,  containing a mild bug spray, is connected to that system. Every morning and evening the jets spray the perimeter of the cabin or home for about 30 seconds. The only way a human or pet can be harmed by this process is to stand under the jets the entire time they are spraying. Any insect touched by this spray will eventually pass on to Bug Heaven (and I personally hope Bug Heaven is separate from People Heaven.).

Also, a remote control allows the owner to have the jets go off at other times, if needed. Since installing the system a few months ago, we now have zero bugs of any kind inside or outside the cabin. How do we know this? The beloved grandson has been happily splashing around his kiddie pool on the back porch all summer long and hasn’t been pestered or stung by a bug the entire time. The same goes for us adults who are watching him in the pool.

Master Bath

If you’re working outside the perimeter of the system, you need to wear bug repellent. The hubby was working on some landscaping projects and encountered a plethora of wasps hanging around the garden hose. He emptied an entire can of bug spray trying to keep them at bay.

This is such a successful system that the other cabins at the Reserve have also installed them. They are just as pleased as we are. One owner thinks that the system will pay for itself in a few years since he no longer spends a fortune on bug spray. The down side?

The price is not cheap. Expect 4 figures, depending on the size of your home. But, the local dealers replenish the tank of spray as needed and winterize and otherwise maintain the system for you as part of the price. (You do pay for the insecticide when replenished.) But I’m eternally grateful to my big brother for suggesting this as a solution!

The next improvement was to install a simple sprinkler system to water the young  shrubs and trees near the pond (More about the pond further down). Our local Lowe’s came to the rescue and the hubby installed the system himself with little special expertise. It’s cheap and with a simple timer, it keeps our new plants and trees safe from our drought-prone summers.

We decided to put in a pond in the front of the cabin and Maizie has pronounced that a favorite “water bowl.” Eventually, we will put in a waterfall and rock feature at one end of the pond. Visitors drive around the pond to get to the front of our cabin. We have planted azaleas that bloom twice a year and a burgundy-leafed version of crape myrtles around one side of the pond. We intend to transplant some Mimosa trees from areas in the Reserve where they are taking over the main Reserve road and place those around another side of the pond. The azaleas and crape myrtles are already blooming and we are ecstatic about it!

Thanks to the brother again, we also had his best friend’s company install a video surveillance system around the cabin. Since we can’t always be there to ensure security of the cabin, this gives us a little peace of mind. The monitor for the system will even show Hulu and some other subscription services upon request. We are grateful to Superior Alarm Services for their expertise in making the cabin a bit more secure.

Sandstone shower stall – Master bath

A friend also constructed a cocktail table and two end tables out of the red cedar we cut down to make room for the cabin. They are on their way to the Reserve soon and I adore them! This friend is trying to create a furniture-making business, so if you want details, let me know!

Much of what is on the walls at the Reserve is thanks to extended family members. I wanted it that way because I wanted our family to feel at home in the cabin. Now that the wall decor is finally up, I smile often as I remember who gave me the prints, quilts, and wall hangings to adorn the Solitude cabin.

The hubby and I have 7 little projects to finish before we rent the cabin. Once those are done, we will put the cabin on VRBO so that people can rent the cabin, fish, walk in the woods and enjoy the solitude of the Reserve. Yes, I will post a link on the blog one day when we’re ready to do that.

Thanks for reading Log Rhythms all this time! It’s definitely been a labor of love and we hope all of you will have a chance to visit Solitude very soon!

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