YOUR Top 10 of MIP 2014: 4 & 3…

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We have now officially passed the 2nd anniversary of the inaugural MIP post, which just happened to be about inaugurations, because I like irony. It amuses me.

A LOT has happened in 2 short years in this “neck of the woods.” For instance, we just purchased a part of another neck of the woods…literally.

Personally, I am a bit surprised that I’m still writing this blog. How about you? Let’s pause to ponder and appreciate that little fact. (If you seriously think I’m going to pause and reflect about anything having to do with this crazy blog, then we need to have a talk about how well you know me.) Nah…let’s just get to today’s blog post business. You’re really here to learn what your fourth and third favorite MIP posts were last year. Without further adieu…!

If you don’t find # 4 odd, you may want to consider coming to my favorite counseling center. This is what y’all thought was cool, so don’t blame me! It’s my January 2014 MIP Book Club Selection announcement.  Why did this rank so high? Probably because of the author. That would be Bill O’Reilly. Perhaps you’ve heard of him? I found his Killing Jesus one fine piece of journalistic, factual storytelling. The book is a page turner and I thought I knew my Jesus better than that! If you haven’t read Killing Jesusdo it now! Go here to learn how to do that.

Number 3 is pretty much me getting on my soapbox about a disease that just flat makes me angry–cancer. While we have made dramatic progress in curing a lot of cancers, there are still a lot of cancers out there where virtually no research has been funded. Thus, when a person is diagnosed with these particular cancers, it’s still pretty much a death sentence. They have essentially pulled the unlucky number in the cancer “lotto” through very little fault of their own. Go here to read “We’re Still Losing this War.”

Friday’s Post: YOUR absolute favorite MIP posts for 2014…

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