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As God’s Scribe: Rejoice When They Do…


“Be careful when you proclaim my name to all people. Some will persecute you for your bravery and courage but do not hesitate to do good and speak well of my cause. Some will refuse to listen to you because wolves in sheep’s clothing have persuaded them that my people are inherently evil.

The reality is that all people have failed me and those they should love, and they, just like everyone else, deserve my love and forgiveness. To forgive such as these is to demonstrate my power to change hearts into obedient, loving, and kind human beings.

Many will hear you, but they will fail to respond to me in any meaningful, lasting way. Likewise, a small remnant will hear you and be changed forever. Rejoice when they do, for they will be a force for good in my kingdom.

A small group can change a thousand hearts, so it is important for this small remnant to learn how to successfully proclaim my name. Teach them how to do this. Do not worry about this; I will give you the words to help them mature as Christians.

Love one another, for I love you. It is an active process to love others, so seek my face in doing so.”


As God’s Scribe: Walk in the Wise Path…

“We never walk alone; you are always with me as I am with you. Yes, you may walk through the valley of death, but I  will be with you forever. Walk with me. Be with me. I am not scary. I am not unwise, as the many leaders of your country are unwise. Walk in the wise path.

I am the wise path that will keep your feet from faltering. Therefore, I say to you, ‘Heed my call. Seek me out. Find me in the darkness, and I  will  rescue you from that darkness.’ The willows wave and turn, yet their branches stay firmly attached to their trunks. Why?

So that they may receive nourishment from their source. I am your source. When the wind blows, flow with the storm but remain with me. I will provide you with never-ending nourishment for my name’s sake.”