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Word of the Week: realia

Dictionary --Word of the Week

Last week’s Word of the Week was kanban. Kanban means “just-in-time.” So, if the kangaroo convention gets canned veggies before its opening, I suppose that will  be kanban. In other words…I wasn’t even close with my definition guesses!

This week’s word is realia. As usual, no fair looking up words online or in an honest-to-goodness dictionary. Just submit your definition below in the comment section and we’ll see who gets closest.

realia (rē-ˈa-lē-ə): 1. The mania that ensues when things get too real. (Can you tell that the master’s in counseling regularly “leaks” into my definition guesses???) 2. regalia that is slightly less regal. 3. the trash that gets deposited on your real estate after a party on Saturday night, even when you weren’t the hosts of the party. (Can you tell that we have some experience with this at our “real estate”?)

So, what is your guess? Make sure you submit it kanban. 🙂

Tomorrow’s Post: What did you do for the Birthday Girl?


The Birthday Girl…


She was born in a blip of a village
Over a half century long ago,
Where everyone knows everybody
And caring is the norm.

She grew up in a small southern town
In the tempest known as the ‘60s
And found herself center-stage
As the winds of time turned quickly.

She had her first kiss
In the suburbs of a city
And learned about who she was
In the flash known as the 70s.

Her city became a university
Where life changed so dramatically
And she wrestled with identity,
Tradition, and civility.

She met a country boy
In the midst of transformation
And he turned her head to a new life
Far from the dreams of her own destiny

As she grew into a woman
Life was not kind to her own well-being
And she struggled to achieve sanity
In a world of huge hypocrisy

She forged a new self-idea
As she learned to be a mother
And found that parenting struggles
Are far harder than any other

In the midst of a large crisis,
She found herself again
And slowly turned the pages to a
New and better “yen.”

She took on daunting challenges
At a time when most would quit
And shed too many tears
Because of mentors gone and spent

But, now she is much wiser
Even though she still has much to know
And the good Lord leads her quietly
On a road few ever go.