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The Odd Days of June…


Ah, Summer. My favorite time of year. I live in Texas for a reason–I detest cold. So, grab your iced tea, sunglasses and ice cream, sit in your favorite lawn chair and learn about the weird days of June, according to Holiday Insights:

June 1st – Flip a Coin Day (You just flipped a coin about whether or not to read this, right?)

June 2nd – National Bubba Day (Let me guess–this holiday started in Texas.)

June 3rd – Repeat Day (Don’t tell the kids about this day as a favor to parents everywhere.)

June 4th – Old Maid’s Day (Puhleez let this be a holiday for celebrating a kids card game.)

June 5th – World Environment Day (Ummm….we already have Earth Day, so why?)

June 6th – National Gardening Exercise Day (I always do push-ups while planting.)

June 7th – National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (I’m in.)

June 8th – Name Your Poison Day (Death by chocolate ice cream works for me.)

June 9th – Donald Duck Day (Celebrate this day with quackers? You can stop groaning now.)

June 10th – Iced Tea Day (Again, I think this was created by Texans.)

June 12th – Red Rose Day (Hint, hint, hubby.)

June 13th – Blame Someone Else Day (I thought this was every day in Washington, D. C.)

June 14th – World Jugglers Day (Suggestion: Don’t juggle small babies.)

June 15th – Smile Power Day (Use that power on your dad. Yes, that was a hint, too.)

June 16th – Nursing Assistants Day (MaryAnn should not assist nurses. See why here.)

June 17th – Eat Your Veggies Day (Not even for a holiday. I’m sooooooo not in.)

June 18th – International Panic Day (Prozac manufacturers must love this day.)

June 19th – World Sauntering Day (I’m pretty sure marathon runners would not approve.)

June 20th – Take Your Dog To Work Day (Sorry, Maizie. I work at home.)

June 21st – National Hollerin’ Contest Day (That’s just a typical day at our house.)

June 22nd – National Chocolate Eclair Day (Much better than June 17th!)

June 23rd – National Pink Day (Not the color I normally choose to wear after eating eclairs.)

June 24th – Swim a Lap Day (More than 1 lap will be needed to counteract the eclairs.)

June 25th – Log Cabin Day (A time to buy more termite protection?)

June 26th – Forgiveness Day (Probably needed after June 13th)

June 27th – Sunglasses Day (Watch it rain this day.)

June 28th – Insurance Awareness Day (Trust me–I’m aware of insurance…and its cost.)

June 29th – Waffle Iron Day (Maybe stay away from the Waffle House today.)

June 30th – Meteor Day (What? You don’t celebrate fiery chunks of rock falling from the sky?)

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