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Green Eggs, One Fish, The Cat in the Hat…and Me

Green eggs and ham

The first two books I ever remember being my “bedtime stories” were Dr. Seuss’ One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and Fox in Socks. Since our family rarely purchased new children’s books, these were a treasure. And since Dr. Seuss is often quite silly, I delighted in them as a child. My beleaguered mother probably had them memorized by the time I was five, since I insisted on each being read to me every night.

March 2nd was Dr. Seuss‘ birthday and since my birthday is the day after his, I have an extra-special fondness for all things Seuss, as you will see this coming Tuesday on MIP. So, here is my decidedly poor attempt to salute this “master” of children’s poetry:

A girl on the go
Should sit down with a book
Because the girl cannot go
Without doing that book look.

For the book tells a story
About unusual places
And lots of tall piles
In rather strange spaces.

And the piles all are silly
And seem willy-nilly
But, to a young girl
They can be fabuhilly.

And they show a young girl
How to live a good life
With a fox, and a cat and
Marvin K. Mooney,
For life wouldn’t be life
Without each as a roomie.

So, a girl on the go
Should pack up her imagination
Full of new words and
Beetle paddle paginations.

For fun is so fun
When the fun is so Seuss
And Thing One and Thing Two
Are back out on the loose.


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