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Maizie’s Musings: The Suitcase

sad dog

I’m always happy to see Friday roll around and not because the Mom person lets me type on her laptop. It’s usually the day I get to see the Dad person.

The Dad person goes away a lot. And that makes me sad because he is my meat and cheese connection. A dog must have ample meat and cheese. It’s a rule.

Well, it’s a rule for me. And I make the rules. Shhhhhhhh. Don’t tell the Mom or Dad person. They still think they run the show.

I can tell exactly when the Dad person is going away. He gets out this big blue (Yes, I see colors. I’m a special dog.) suitcase. The suitcase is so big that it needs these weird round paws that roll along the floor. I need to ask the Mom person if I can get round paws because I’m kinda big myself. It must be that boring dog food that I’m forced to eat when the Dad person is away.

He puts it on my favorite sleeping spot and opens it up and starts putting his fur coverings in there. At least I think they’re fur coverings. They don’t fall out like my fur and he can take his fur coverings on and off. Now that I think about it, the Mom person has stuff like that, too.

He has a lot of fur coverings. How many does 1 human need???

Anyway I don’t like it when the fur coverings go in and he closes up the suitcase and puts it by the back door. Sometimes I lay down in front of the door to keep him from leaving, but he makes me move. So, my next line of defense is to sit in the doorway of that room where the fur coverings go when they get dirty and just look as pathetic as I can absolutely look.

I lower my head down as far as I can and give the Dad person this really worried look. Apparently, I need to work on this look because he leaves anyway. Sometimes he even takes the Mom person with him! However, it does usually get me a pat on the head and some scratching behind my ears. That’s my zen place.

The only good news about this is that when they both go away, these really cool humans come by to visit me. They play with me, feed me the boring dog food, and give me water. Two of them give me a new bone each time they come to visit! Some of them even sit on the back porch and pet me for a while. They even scratch in the Zen zone.

Okay. So maybe I can do without the Mom and Dad person.

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