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My Favorite Things: Samsung Anything…

When I decided to write the My Favorite Things feature on MIP, I wrote down a list of things, sites and organizations that definitely fit “the bill” for My Favorite Things. As I was perusing it today, I realized that the word “Samsung” is sprinkled throughout that list.

First, the hubby, son and I are all addicted to our Samsung Galaxy phones. The phones features are simple to use, making what was really complicated on my old cell phone a breeze. They seem to get excellent reception unless you’re in Bonga-Bongaland and even I, who was the last of the Razor flip-phones users can figure out how to easily do what I most need when I’m “on the run.” I do confess that I’ve never had an iPhone and if I did have one, I might wind up being addicted to that more than my Samsung. But, I don’t have to wait in lines to get the latest phone; I don’t have to take Xanax when the phone is updating its software and operating system, and in case you hadn’t noticed, even iPhone is making bigger, thinner phones to compete with ol’ Samsung.