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Word of the Week: pandiculation

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Good morning, Word Nerds! Last week’s Word of the Week (WOW) was solecism. The daughter says that studying for the GRE taught her the meaning of solecism. She thinks it means “a grammatical error.” Merriam-Webster Online: a mistake in speech or writing –OR–an impolite or improper way of behaving. So, the money spent on GRE study materials paid off!

Conclusion? I didn’t study enough for the GRE.

This week’s WOW is pandiculation. Here are my definition guesses for pandiculation:

pandiculation (pan-ˌdik-yə-ˈlā-shən) 1. speculation by Peter Pan 2. speech that tells the public there will be yet another remake about Peter Pan 3. a totally mind-blowing thought

What’s your guess for pandiculation? Tell me by posting a comment below! Good luck!

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