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2 Heart Attacks Too Soon: Part 4

Heart Ring Bible

Scanning is a good thing, normally. It’s what got me through college and grad school. But, this is not one of those times. Please read (at least) Part 1 of this series to understand the following:

  1. Think you can miss 14 years of your life?  Here’s what happened during the last 14 of mine:  The eldest DS graduated from High School and College.  He made the Dean’s List and has a full-time job now.  The DD graduated from high school and college.  She got engaged.  She got married.  The DSL graduated from high school  and college, too. The DD got a full ride into grad school. The LSH and I celebrated our 20th, 25th, and 30th anniversaries.  I went to Europe with the LSH.  I was a bridesmaid again.  All 3 of my kids got their driver’s licenses.  I eulogized my mom and dad at their funerals.  I lost several aunts and uncles.  I lost my best friend.  I walked 60 miles in 3 days to celebrate and honor her life.  I completed a master’s degree.  I gave up a great job to help 50+ of the best students at our town’s university.  I passed the National Licensing Exam for counselors. I went to Alaska with the LSH. I have a “sea” of adopteds that I would give my life up for anytime, any place. We discovered that the eldest DS has ADD.  We discovered that the youngest DS has Sensory Processing Disorder, is gifted and has vision focusing problems.  The youngest DS got into his favorite college. We’ve ordered his HS graduation announcements. In other words, I’m glad I stuck around, even on the bad days.
  2. Here’s what’s on the docket for the next 14, God willing:  The DD and DSL will welcome a healthy child into their home and I’ll get to spoil that kid rotten (The DD and DSL do not get a choice about this!); the eldest DS will find the woman of his dreams and advance his career; I will be successful blogging and finally publish a book; the youngest DS will graduate from high school and college and find the woman of his dreams; the LSH and I will celebrate our 35th, 40th, and 45th anniversaries; we will watch another several adopteds get married; we will watch a few more nieces and nephews get married.  In other words, embrace the barbell, even on the bad days.
  3. You are not replaceable.  God put you here because He has a mission for you that only you can complete.  Don’t kid yourself.
  4. I care about you even when you think you are unworthy of such care.  I care about you even when you think I’m not looking.  I may just be a little busy holding my barbell to show you that, and still working on yanking out my selfish weeds.


Point to Ponder Challenge # 1: What happened in the last 14 years of your life? Make a list. What is likely to happen in the next 14 years of your life? Make another  list.What needs to change so you can be around for that second list? Start working on THAT list today. 

Point to Ponder Challenge # 2: Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.” What events took place in your lifetime only because of your presence for those events? What else do you want to “make happen” in the next decade? What is the first step to making at least one of those things happen?

Tomorrow’s Post: What really causes heart attacks