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As God’s Scribe: Simple Stillness…

“I am the Lord God of Israel. I will be praised among the nations, but I have great fondness for my people, Israel. Unfortunately, they do not seek me as they should, but worship only me. I want them to worship my son, Jesus, for he is their true Messiah.

The Israelites try my patience most days even though I have given them the land of milk and honey yet again. They war with their neighbors, yet I require peace in their hearts and minds. When will they learn this? How many times must I remind them of history?

Acknowledge My Son


They have, thankfully, stopped wishing for a tyrant king, but they still have a long way to go to worship me as they should. I will not tolerate this much longer, O, Israel!

Be not afraid of my love for you, Israel. Come back to me, Israel, and I will come back to you. My Holy Spirit longs to dwell in your hearts, to make your paths straight, but you must acknowledge my Son for that to happen.