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The Odd Days of June…


Ah, Summer. My favorite time of year. I live in Texas for a reason–I detest cold. So, grab your iced tea, sunglasses and ice cream, sit in your favorite lawn chair and learn about the weird days of June, according to Holiday Insights:

June 1st – Flip a Coin Day (You just flipped a coin about whether or not to read this, right?)

June 2nd – National Bubba Day (Let me guess–this holiday started in Texas.)

June 3rd – Repeat Day (Don’t tell the kids about this day as a favor to parents everywhere.)

June 4th – Old Maid’s Day (Puhleez let this be a holiday for celebrating a kids card game.)

June 5th – World Environment Day (Ummm….we already have Earth Day, so why?)

June 6th – National Gardening Exercise Day (I always do push-ups while planting.)

June 7th – National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (I’m in.)

June 8th – Name Your Poison Day (Death by chocolate ice cream works for me.)

June 9th – Donald Duck Day (Celebrate this day with quackers? You can stop groaning now.)

June 10th – Iced Tea Day (Again, I think this was created by Texans.)

June 12th – Red Rose Day (Hint, hint, hubby.)

June 13th – Blame Someone Else Day (I thought this was every day in Washington, D. C.)

June 14th – World Jugglers Day (Suggestion: Don’t juggle small babies.)

June 15th – Smile Power Day (Use that power on your dad. Yes, that was a hint, too.)

June 16th – Nursing Assistants Day (MaryAnn should not assist nurses. See why here.)

June 17th – Eat Your Veggies Day (Not even for a holiday. I’m sooooooo not in.)

June 18th – International Panic Day (Prozac manufacturers must love this day.)

June 19th – World Sauntering Day (I’m pretty sure marathon runners would not approve.)

June 20th – Take Your Dog To Work Day (Sorry, Maizie. I work at home.)

June 21st – National Hollerin’ Contest Day (That’s just a typical day at our house.)

June 22nd – National Chocolate Eclair Day (Much better than June 17th!)

June 23rd – National Pink Day (Not the color I normally choose to wear after eating eclairs.)

June 24th – Swim a Lap Day (More than 1 lap will be needed to counteract the eclairs.)

June 25th – Log Cabin Day (A time to buy more termite protection?)

June 26th – Forgiveness Day (Probably needed after June 13th)

June 27th – Sunglasses Day (Watch it rain this day.)

June 28th – Insurance Awareness Day (Trust me–I’m aware of insurance…and its cost.)

June 29th – Waffle Iron Day (Maybe stay away from the Waffle House today.)

June 30th – Meteor Day (What? You don’t celebrate fiery chunks of rock falling from the sky?)

Friday’s Post: The Other “Women”

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The 12 Days of MIP: 4 & 3…

blood pressure

Book Club Members: Please send me any questions you’d like to ask Jane Christmas. I need to send them to her now. Go here to submit them to me.

It’s time to reveal two more of my favorite posts from 2013. While they may not be your favorites, read on for why they are on my list:

Number 4:

Think You Don’t Have What It Takes to Change the World? Think Again…

If I didn’t have two supportive families in my corner, there are a group of friends from my Virginia days who I think of as family. Being half the country away from them just physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually hurts. These folks love me as I truly am…warts and all and they didn’t have to. They get why I’m so serious about my faith; they laugh at the same inane stuff that I laugh at; they care about the things I care about. Occasionally, we get a chance to fly back to the east coast and spend some time with them. The visits, even if I feel like I’m wearing out my welcome with invading their homes for so long, seem far too short. There is just something special about a group of friends who have a lot of history together. We have some wild stories to tell about how God has worked in each of our lives and in how He’s worked with us, together as a group.  I’m sure that if we were to share these wild stories with those outside our group, there would be a great deal of skepticism. But, there’s one thing you can’t argue about–we have been servants for God, each in our own way…just doing what God asked each of us to do. And in the process of just simply answering the “call,” lives have been changed all over the globe. The bottom line? You don’t have to be anything special or unusual to change the world…you just have to go do it. Click here to see what I mean.

Number 3:

So, Where Are My Posts?

This is not my writing at my finest, honestly. Why? Well, it’s just a newsy post about what happened to me last summer when my Prinzmetal Angina condition decided to rear its ugly head for the first time in 14 years back in June. It’s the one time I wasn’t able to keep to my regular blog schedule this past year. This was my “I’m Still Standin'” post, even though 2 heart attacks almost ended my life. It was the easiest way to update everyone on what happened to me without having to recount the details a ridiculous number of times. And it was, for quite some time, the most viewed post on MIP. It spiked my readership pretty considerably, so I guess if I want more exposure for my blog, I need to have a few more heart attacks. Relax. Just kidding! So, if you want to read the account one more time about my brush with death, click here.

Friday’s Post: An Interview with Jane Christmas!

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