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Love Bunny…

Love Bunny

I wouldn’t exactly say that the hubby and I are poster children for a great marriage. We, like most married for 35+ years, have had our share of arguments and moments where we wondered if calling the divorce attorney was the next best move for us.

But, as the hubby says, “No one else would put up with me and I don’t want HIV/AIDS.” The same could be said of me.

So, what do you do when your marriage has its ups and downs?

My answer is silliness. Yes, silliness.

If a couple can maintain a sense of humor and playfulness in the midst of all the serious things they must address, then the marriage can probably make it to the “other side.”

How to be silly?

I think the best silliness comes from your creativity and works for you as a couple. But, let me suggest one crazy idea that just might make marriage fun again. The best part? It’s cheap and it doesn’t take a lot of time.


Word of the Day: Absolute


Those of you who regularly read the Word of the Week (WOW) are probably thinking, “Did she forget that she already gave us a new word on Monday?” Actually, no. It just occurs to me that so many of you enjoy the WOW blog post on Monday that perhaps I should start a new feature discussing a single word and its ramifications for our world. Lofty aspiration, hunh? Yeah, it scares me, too, but here goes nothin’!

I chose “absolute” for today, because it’s a word that is not used as frequently as it once was. Even with advanced technology and increased knowledge from research, there are few absolutes in our world. One hundred years ago, most people in the U.S. went to church on Sunday, cheating in school was virtually unheard of, and most people were virgins on their wedding night. (Yes, I went there.) Today none of that is something we can take for granted, along with a lot of other things that used to be absolute.


The Uninvited Guest…

wedding window

Two lives end as one begins

In the prettiest of places

But it is the in-between spaces

Where loves are shared with kin.


There is a third party

Coming to the occasion

And He doesn’t have

That handsome invitation.


But the hosts do not mind

If this party attends

For when it does

Love truly descends.


Can you guess of whom I speak?

Will the guessing make legs weak?

It depends on who you are

And what you know about life so far.


But even if you cannot guess

The event will still continue

And if the two are wise

They will want his watching eyes.


For he blesses what will follow

In the whole and in the hollow

And I will sing his praises

For giving joy to both their faces.

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