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Word of the Week: frisson

Book Club ReadersI’m a little bit behind on my Undaunted reading. You, too? Guess we need to create a little more room for reading this week, hunh?

Last week’s WOW (Word of the Week) was jape. Merriam-Webster Online says that jape means: to say or do something jokingly or mockingly. If that is the case, then I jape a lot. In fact we could probably say I’m a jape-aholic. Is there a Japers Anonymous group? And yes, I just japed. 😀

Today’s WOW is frisson. I usually offer up 3 possibilities, but today 4 popped to mind pretty quickly, so you’re getting a bonus guess today. (I know…this just made your Monday, right?) Here are my definition attempts for frisson:

frisson: (frē-ˈsōⁿ) 1. freezing with a French accent 2. an area where you can do whatever you want 3. frizzy fission 4. the unruly hair of a son when it’s humid outside

What do you think frisson means? Submit your definition guess below!

Wednesday’s Post: 

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Word of the Week: jape…

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Well, my WOW lovers…my daughter is smarter than me…she knew the definition of last week’s Word of the Week (WOW) all too well. (This should come as no shock–I think she was born smarter than me and I’ve been trying to catch up to her ever since. It’s not working.)

It may have something to do with the fact that she moved to Texas when she was 2. A rowel is the spinning part of a spur. However, I think I like my brother’s definition the best: “Scooby-Doo’s towel.” Now, you know where I got my warped sense of humor. This is the nonsense I have had to put up with for my entire life.

This week’s WOW is the word jape. Here are my definition guesses for jape:

jape 1. a jaunty cape. (Some of you just looked up the word jaunty, didn’t you?! Caught ya! Aha! It’s okay…You just got a 2-for-1 deal this week on WOW.) 2. a gaping wound sustained while jumping 3. an escape that occurs via jay-walking

What’s your guess for jape?

Wednesday’s Post: The REAL reason I posted all that stuff about the 3 Day Walk…and no, it’s not the reason you’re thinking about!

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Word of the Week: rowel…

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Book Clubbers: I’m finished with Chapter 14. How about you? This is the week of the online discussion of the book (Friday, 10/25!). Can’t wait to hear your comments.

Last week’s Word of the Week (WOW) was redound. Redound has several meanings, according to Merriam-Webster online:

redound 1.  to become swollen (although says this is an archaic definition) 2. to have an effect for good or ill (Sooooo, why wouldn’t you just say it has an effect????) 3. to become transferred or added

I think I can safely say that redound has not redounded on me. What?!?! Maybe it’s time for a nap for MaryAnn?

This week’s WOW is rowel. Here are my guesses for its definitions:

rowel: (ˈrau̇(-ə)l) 1. a vowel that growls 2. the British way to spell roll 3. a towel rolled up and used to swat random people in a locker room (or physical abuse suffered at the hands of my older brothers who probably learned such a technique from being in locker rooms way too often)

What do you think it means?

Wednesday’s Post: You know you’re ancient when….

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