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Lessons Learned from Counting Quarters…


Some good friends of ours are taking a well-deserved vacation this week and they came to our aid when I was going through my little health crisis in ways that most will never know. I’m not sure that the hubby would function well without these good buddies.

They own a business that is largely coin-operated and thus, we were honored and grateful to have an opportunity to return the favor and collect, count and deposit the proceeds from their business this week. Most of the coins are quarters and so, the youngest, the hubby and I were all sitting at the kitchen table today sorting, wrapping and recording the amounts collected. Let’s just say it was a good week for their business. 🙂 Here’s what I learned along the way:

  1. People must put quarters in mud, grease, oil, garbage cans, and on the dirty backsides of babies before using them to pay for stuff.
  2. My fingers now smell and look like all the aforementioned of # 1.
  3. I used to think the backsides of babies were cute.
  4. I need a manicure now.
  5. I may need industrial strength steel wool to get my hands clean again.
  6. My index finger gets sore after wrapping $ 1000 worth of quarters.
  7. I wrap faster than the youngest. Yay! One thing I can do faster than the next generation. Somehow I don’t think they care.
  8. I am quarter counting machine challenged. And all it requires is cranking a handle.
  9. My self-esteem has plummeted.
  10. If I want to lose my hearing, sit next to the hubby cranking quarters through a metal machine. Hello, quiet plastic????
  11. I will be dreaming of orange quarter wrappers, 50-state themed quarters, George Washington, and eagles tonight. Thank God that Benjamin Franklin did not get his way to make the national bird a turkey.
  12. # 11 will not be in a good way. And now I’ll probably be dreaming about Ben and turkeys, as well. *sigh*
  13. The hubby and I used to think that such a coin-operated business might be a good retirement venture for us. Now I’m thinking battling pit vipers is looking much better.
  14. I consume my weight in tortilla chips, water, and slices of ham when counting quarters.
  15. I need a bottle of extra strength Tylenol, maximum strength ibuprofen, and my migraine meds for #10.
  16. When running out of wrappers, find your garage sale cash box. Yessssss! 32 more quarter wrappers and a pile of dollar bill wrappers. Oh. Wait. More wrapping and machine cranking. Boo.
  17. I don’t think “bank teller” is in my future as my next vocation.
  18. The worst thing you could do for a hurting index finger is type a new post for your blog. My keyboard is now dirty. See # 1. Ick.
  19. I may have to use another finger for the next round of coin wrapping. I think it should be my tallest finger. How about you? It’ll reach farther into the wrapper to straighten out quarters, right?
  20. If you really believe my reasoning for # 19, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. And no, you can’t pay for it in quarters.


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