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Word of the Week: tintinnabulation

Good morning, Word Nerds! (Own it!) Last week’s WOW (Word of the Week) was flapdoodle. The DD got this one immediately. Merriam-Webster Online officially says that flapdoodle means foolish words. Her definition was “nonsensical words” and an alternate definition for flapdoodle is nonsense. So, she’s pretty spot on with her guess.

This week’s WOW is tintinnabulation. (Try and say that 5 times fast.) Here are my guesses for it:

tintinnabulation (tin-tə-ˌna-byə-ˈlā-shən) 1. the ambulatory movement of a famed German Shepherd 2. what transpires after the three little porcine creatures refer to their chins 3. the sound resonating from kicking empty metal containers of fruit or vegetables

What’s your guess for tintinnabulation? Post a comment to this post! No fair looking it up first.

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Word of the Week: flapdoodle

Good morning, Word Nerds! (Wear that badge with honor, gang!) 😀

Last week’s Word of the Week (WOW) was mythomania. A LOT of you had guesses about this one and it was fun to read what you thought about it. Some of you were even using it in a sentence on social media or winking at me in person as you used it. I LOVE THAT! Keep it up! So let’s see how close we got on all those guesses.

Merriam-Webster Online says that mythomania is: an excessive or abnormal propensity for lying and exaggerating. So, most of us got this one right and I stand by my 2nd guess from last week. If that isn’t mythomania, I don’t know what is! Go here if you’re forgetting my 2nd guess.

Today’s WOW is flapdoodle. Here are my guesses for flapdoodle:

flapdoodle (ˈflap-ˌdü-dəl) 1. an ancient arm tattoo on an AARP member  2. the drawing fighter pilots put on their planes in WWII 3. the ruckus a poodle makes when not content


Word of the Week: mythomania

Howdy, MIP readers! Did you miss me? I missed you! I’m revving up the blog again and plan to get back to my 3 weekly blog posts. On Wednesday I will explain why I’ve been gone from MIP and why I’m now back on it!

Those of you who have read MIP from its inception will know that Monday posts are all about a word I don’t know from the Merriam-Webster online site. I first tell all of you the REAL definition of the previous week’s word and then take 3 stabs at trying to define the present week’s word.

You can “play along” yourself by commenting below the post. Many of you already know the word, so don’t lose your opportunity to show me up! But, even if you don’t know, just have some fun with it and see if you can make me laugh out loud (Yes, LOL) at this end. Bonus points for making me ROFL (roll on the floor laughing).

Don’t want anyone to know who you are on here? Just give yourself a nickname. But, send me an email explaining who you are (in case I don’t figure it out myself) because I reserve the right to delete comments from an internet undesirable type (a hacker, spammer, the IRS or other governmental agency that annoys the tar out of me) first.

The last time there was a WOW was way back in April of 2015, so here’s the definition of panjandrum from that post: a powerful personage or pretentious official. I swear on a stack of Bibles that I didn’t look up the definition before my little jab at the government. But, can we safely agree that government officials are most likely panjandrums??? (Did I hear you say, “Amen. Preach it, sista,”???? I thought so.)

This week’s WOW is mythomania. Here are my guesses (and no fair looking up the word in any version of a search engine or dictionary!):

mythomania (mi-thə-ˈmā-nē-ə, -nyə) 1. the insanity from being fixated on Greek mythology 2. the 2016 Presidential election (I’m fixated on the government today, hunh?) 3. the enthusiasm resulting from loving doric, ionic and corinthian columns a bit too much

What’s your guess or guesses? Submit them below!

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