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Word of the Week: scumble

Dictionary --Word of the Week

The Word of the Week for last week was realia. Merriam-Webster Online says that realia are: objects or activities used to relate classroom teaching to real life, especially of peoples studied. So, since I know a fair number of educators and worked in the College of Education at our town’s university, I’m hoping a few of my readers already knew the real meaning of realia. However, it’s a word I did not encounter as an employee there. Now, pedagogy? That’s a word I learned there. We’ll discuss pedagogy some other day.

This week’s Word of the Week is scumble. I love this word. It just sounds fun. And once I learn the real definition, it may have to find its way into my posts as often as plethora. (You’re welcome, DD.)

So, what’s your guess for scumble? Submit a comment below and let me know! Here are my mere attempts:

scumble (skəm-bəl): 1. When a scumbag finally becomes humble, which roughly occurs around the same time as the freezing of Hades. 2. When gang members scatter after a “rumble” 3. When Scots take a tumble from their “highlands”

No fair peeking in the dictionary!

Tomorrow’s Post: Did you read a book this week? Dylan would have. 🙂