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If the Offspring Ran the World…

A chart from 101.5 WBNQ in Bloomington, IL has been making the rounds on Facebook lately. It is the inspiration for today’s post. Read below and see if this sounds like anyone you know:

10474258birth order characteristics

At my house you might as well just replace First with my oldest’s name; Middle with the daughter’s name and Last with my youngest’s name. So, that got me to thinking…What would the world look like if my 3 ran the world? Here are my suspicions:

1. We would be the most organized world ever. That oldest child of mine has been alphabetizing the sizable video collection for eons….voluntarily. The middle child would know the value of a color-coded planning system. The youngest would make it much more creative and fun (much to the annoyance of his brother and sister).

2. We would be a compassionate world, where the most desperate would know they have a friend who will help them overcome their obstacles. The middle child has always seen every person as a valued friend or future friend. Even my strict oldest seems to find time for the down and out.